SENSORO Alpha Product Suite

SENSORO’s Alpha Product Suite provides long-range, low-power capabilities for IoT sensor networks. Unlike other solutions that are difficult to manage and configure and are limited in between 3 to 6 miles (4 to 10 kilometers) range, the Alpha platform is simple to implement with an easily managed network that can span over 120 square miles (equivalent of 193 kilometers) while supporting thousands of sensor devices.

The network architecture is configured in a simple star topology with the base station relaying information between deployed IoT sensor devices and the centralized management platform on the network backend. The system uses a long-range, low-power IoT-WAN for exchanging data with the sensor devices, and Ethernet and 3G to exchange data with the management platform residing on the Internet or internal network.

Principles of Operation

Alpha Base Station

The Alpha Base Station features strong signal coverage with a centrally managed platform. Designed for outdoor installations, it’s built to withstand harsh environments and industrial settings. As the core infrastructure of the SENSORO IoT-WAN, its powerful data processing capability is designed to support and connect thousands of nodes and provide a data path from the sensor endpoints all the way to the cloud.

Click here  to download technical specification of Alpha Base Station

Easy to configure with the centralized management platform
Local configuration possible using BLE
Supports IoT-WAN, Ethernet, and 3G
Ruggedized for outdoor installations with IP67 certification

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Alpha Node-4AA

The Alpha Node-4AA is an IoT low-power sensor developed by SENSORO with excellent signal coverage, supporting both proximity and long-range communication. The Alpha Node-4AA operates as an end device in the IoT-WAN low-power network for long-range sensing, monitoring, and remote device management, with built-in sensors for temperature, humidity, and ambient light. It can also function as a BLE-based low-power beacon, supporting multiple near-field transmission protocols such as Apple iBeacon and Google Eddystone.

Click here  to download technical specification of Alpha Node-4AA

Easily configured and managed from the centralized management platform
Temperature, humidity, and ambient light IoT sensors
Traditional beacon functionality built-in
Powered by standard AA batteries for long-life and easy maintenance
Drop-in installation, easily deployed and repositioned

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Alpha Module

The Alpha Module enables sensor manufacturers to integrate their devices into an IoT sensor network quickly and easily. Sensor OEMs can simply include the Alpha Module in their design and immediately empower IoT network functionality. Data from a customized sensor is sent to the Alpha Module through the UART interface, and effortlessly the Alpha platform takes care of the rest.

Small footprint, only 11x11mm
UART interface supports up to 115,200 baud
Sleep/wake GPIO for lowered power consumption

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Alpha Commander

The SENSORO Alpha Commander is a highly scalable centralized management engine that monitors, configures, and manages the entire IoT sensor network through a simple console interface. The Alpha Commander provides management of the end-devices as well as the base stations, and the intuitive interface provides the ability to quickly check device status, configure sensor operating parameters, and monitor sensor information. Data can be easily redirected from the Alpha Commander to other applications for data storage and analysis.

Powerful centralized management of the entire IoT network
Configure, manage, and monitor your devices from the console
Quickly assess the health of all devices on the IoT network
Access your sensor data using standard options including MQTT, HTTP, and API