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Yunzi - the Smart iBeacon Sensor

Certified by the FCC and CE,FCC NO.:2ADCH-B0x

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Social solution

How can Yunzi help you? Yunzi enables your App interact with real world user activities

  • Retail and Service

    Recognize your customers as they enter your space; get in-depth insights into your customers' behavior; build valuable data to help improve your offerings

  • Exhibitions

    Let exhibitions tell their own story. Art pieces and conference booths can now talk directly to your phone

  • Consumer Electronics

    Devices become more intelligent and useful reacting to your presence and learning your behaviour

  • Payment

    Verify your customers are in your store and let them pay simply and easily through their mobile device

Overview of Yunzi's features

Yunzi is as small as a wristwatch and simple to deploy. It knows its precise position, understands its environmental conditions and seamlessly interacts with apps on your mobile device.

Yunzi's technology makes it aware of its surroundings knowing the light intensity around it as well as sensing its own movement. Access this information by embedding our SDK into your app and create a truly magical experience for your users. View the Yunzi Beacon User Manual.

Elegant design

Dual-color injection molding and a texture as smooth as jade


One of the most sensitive low-power acceleration chips available. Using data from this chip your app knows the exact movements of each sensor

RF antenna

A slotted antenna and build-in F antenna allows Yunzi to have a stable RF connection no matter the environment

Light sensor

One of the world's most sensitive light sensors similar to the one found in your iPhone

Long-lasting batteries

We want our sensor to be environmentally friendly so we have chosen efficient components that enable up to 500 days of working time before you need to change batteries

High strength alloy keel

Optimal high strength aluminum alloy keel ensures Yunzi the best performance in both structure and appearance

Ultrasonic plastic welding

Easy to deploy

Great design and internal magnets enable Yunzi to attached to many different surfaces

How to use Sensoro Smart SensorsSo much functionality for something so small.Our multi-sensory device brings you a unique collection of data enabling new and exciting possibilities for your app

  • Location and Environment Aware

    By embedding our SDK in your app you can instantly assess the conditions around the sensor including light, and device movements

  • Adjustable coverage

    Configure RF power up to a maximum radius of 80 meters giving a stable coverage of 2826 square meters

  • Worry free security

    Enterprise-level security configuration with an automatic sensor guard to prevent unwanted access

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$65.99 each set

Three devices in each set

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Sensoro was founded in July 2013 at the Microsoft Ventures' accelerator. Our team hails from some of the best universities in Asia including Tsinghua University and Hong Kong Polytechnic. We have previously worked at organisations like Netease, Microsoft Research Asia and the China Aerospace Research Institute. Our expertise includes large scale parallel processing, mobile internet, big data mining, digital circuits and inertial navigation.


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